Early in March 2011, a series of meetings were held to gain a high level commitment between a group of First Aid Training providers who pledged to promote quality First Aid training provision in New Zealand.  AECTP, the Association of Emergency Care Training Providers, was formed and by late August the Inaugural meeting of the AECTP was held. 

The new Board drafted the AECTP rules, the Code of Ethics and Values and AECTP Membership Application documents, and sought to increase the services to membership. 

Member organisations needed to be a New Zealand registered organisation or company, be registered by NZQA as a TEO accredited to provide emergency care or first aid unit standards and also signed agreement needed to be provided to abide by all the current standard setting bodies requirements and guidelines.

In 2016 AECTP became an incorporated society. The current AECTP Rules and the Code of Ethics and Values documents specify a commitment to good practice and quality First Aid training, as well as to respect each other and to promote positive advocacy for the First Aid training industry. 

The Strategic Plan and supporting Annual Plans lists the activities of the Association.  One of the aims is to act as a recognised industry representative to provide both leadership and advice.  NZQA recognises the Association as a Peak Body and this enables us to contribute to dialogue and provide guidance at NZ Qualification Authority meetings, including, for example, at the PTE Forum, the Project Advisory Group for First Aid (PAG), the mandatory review of qualifications (TRoQ) and with Risk management team members and other matters as they arise.

The Association’s annual meetings are held annually at the same time as the AECTP National First Aid Conferences.  The Conference supports PDD hours; and for those who want it, the NZ Resuscitation Council run ECIL2 revalidation the evening prior to Conference.

Our AECTP email contact is info@aectpnz.org  or you send a letter to the address listed on the Contacts page.

Correspondence will be responded to as soon as possible and within two weeks.  Should your request be urgent, please contact a board member (see newsletter for details).