Frequently Asked Questions  -  Quality First Aid Training

How do I find information about NZQA first aid unit standards?

NZQA's First Aid Training Requirements for tertiary education organisations (TEOs) outlines key information for quality systems for all first aid training providers in New Zealand.

How do you know a training provider is delivering quality training?

  1. The training provider would be registered and accredited with a NZQA provider number. You can use NZQA's search engine to find registered and accredited first aid training  providers, their category status and NZQA's EER reports
  2. To ensure quality first traning where a training provider is not NZQA registered or accredited it is important to:  a) view their written agreement with a registered, accredited training provider (i.e. have their own NZQA provider number) and b) view their supporting letter from NZQA approving an arrangement for delivery


  • Is the provider an affiliated member of Association Emergency Care Training Providers (AECTP)?  AECTP is an association of providers who promote quality training provision and members must agree to the association rules, sign a code of ethics and have at least a double confident NZQA External Evaluation Review (EER) listed on the NZQA website (see categories below).


Course Training Hours

NZQA have rules regarding training and assessment. The minimum duration of first aid training and assessment will be, for training based on:

  • 6400, 6401 and 6402 a minimum of 12 hours training and assessment;
  • 6401 and 6402 or 26551 and 26552 a minimum of 8 hours training and assessment
  • For refresher training, where the learner’s certificate must be no older than two years and three months from date of issue, a minimum of six hours training and assessment.

See page 8 of the NZQA First Aid Training Requirements - First Aid as a Life Skill document - Training Requirements for Quality Provision of Unit Standard-based First Aid Training.

What is involved with course assessment?

Registered Private Training Establishment?

The Provider Categories are as follows.

  • Category 1: providers with two Highly Confident judgments from EER, or Highly Confident in educational performance and Confident in capability in self-assessment.
  • Category 2: providers with two Confident judgements, or Highly Confident in self-assessment, and Confident in educational performance.
  • Category 3: providers with Not Yet Confident judgements.
  • Category 4: providers with Not Confident judgements.


  • Instructor qualifications and ongoing professional development and training needs to be appropriate to the course they are instructing and as stated in Criterion 3: Staff selection, appraisal and development of the Consent and moderation requirements (CMR 230).

What are the minimum workplace requirements?

What are the requirements for Refresher training?

  • The student’s workplace certificate should be renewed every 2 years however there is a maximum grace period of 3mths from date of certificate – no exceptions.
  • To ensure the learner’s certificate expiry is within the 2yrs 3mths timeframe the First Aid training provider is to sight the learner’s certificate (or copy of their certificate) or have verified this information from their current electronic systems.
  • Equivalent Provider Certificates for registering on a Refresher course as a guide.