Restart A Heart Day (Oct 2018)

The NZ Resuscitation Council 16 October Restart a Heart Day called for New Zealanders to join together with an aim to “know CPR” and, because only one person in ten survive a cardiac arrest, the plan was to increase survival rates before emergency services arrive using 3x key messages:  1. Call 111; 2. Push; 3. Shock.
The day aimed for thousands of resuscitation trainers around the world to take part in a coordinated effort to teach life-saving cardiopulmonary skills to as many people a…... Continue reading

Micro-credentialling - what is it? (Aug 2018)

Following test pilots, NZQA has released the recognition of micro-credentials within New Zealand’s education and training system.  The new Rules will be able to offer a broad variety of quality assured short courses where credentials (such as in building, biosecurity, technology etc.) which will be mostly driven by industry, can be uploaded and will provide pathways to new roles and jobs.  Micro-credentials may be owned delivered by international and New Zealand organisations which lay ou…... Continue reading

Definition of a domestic student in NZ (Aug 2018)

First Aid providers regularly need to check if their students fall within the NZQA Definition of a New Zealand Domestic Student.  Status considerations (such as residency class, visas, diplomatic immunity, refugee status, industry training etc) all need to be checked prior to hooking a learner onto the NZQA framework and issuing unit standards. 
Taken from the Ministry of Education website, the definition for tertiary students comes from the Education Act 1989, Section 159 of the, and list…... Continue reading

First Aid procedure treatment for choking when you alone (Aug 2018)

Alone and Choking? 
A Foreign Body Airway Obstruction (FBAO) is a life-threatening emergency. The principle of treatment is to clear the object by enabling the person to cough forcefully. Where the obstruction is partial the person should keep coughing until the object is cleared.  When people cannot cough for themselves they need assistance to cough.
The clinical data on choking management is largely retrospective and anecdotal. Chest thrusts, abdominal thrusts or back blows can be effec…... Continue reading